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CQC Compliance Ltd

Project Details: 

Needed to Rank Business on Page #1 on Google for knutsford & Blackburn - for the following Keywords Terms:

" Mock CQC Inspection Knutsford"

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" Mock CQC Inspection Oxfordshire"

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" CQC Compliance Knutsford"

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" CQC Compliance Oxfordshire"

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And Many More Keywords​

Google Ranking Achieved: Page 1

SEO Time Frame: 6 - 12 Months 


Additional Services​ Provided:


  • SSL Certificate Implementation

  • Competitor Research and Analysis Reports

  • Google Business Profile Development for each Location

  • Monthly Google Ads Management

  • Implementation of Google Search Console

  • Google Analytics Implementation

  • Business Online Directory Listings and Black links Implementations

  • SEO Keywords Implementation for Webpages, Social Media Content, Blog Pages, Landing Pages and Blog Content

  • Listing Weekly Post It Ads Campaigns on Social Media Channels 

  • Business Analytics Reports

  • Creating Business Marketing Material

  • Developing Business Trust Rank and Marketing Strategies

  • Implement Positive Feedback Strategies Google and Social Media Channels

  • Strategies provided to Improve Landing Page Interactions

Google Paid

Ads Sample

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