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Our Work With 

Alpha Digital Networks Plc

Alpha Digital Networks Plc


We have been delivering innovative technological solutions to the education and business sectors for over 15 years. Both VII Networks and Business Source Solutions are incorporated under the brand of Alpha Digital Networks PLC.

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Go Ranks Ltd partnered with the Alpha Digital Networks Plc product and marketing team to develop a holistic SEO strategy. Our efforts encompassed in-depth research, targeted social media content development, Digital Publications, Video Content and the implementation of technical SEO best practices.

Alpha Digital wanted to be visible in the following Locations around the UK:

- Blackburn

- Manchester

- Blackpool

- London

Focus Areas:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Google Map Integrations

  • Engaging Videos and Animated Explainer Video Content Creation

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Providing on-going Competitor Research and Analysis

  • Creating Interactive Digital Publications

  • Creating Business Marketing Material

  • Developing Business Trust Rank and Marketing Strategies

  • Implement Positive Feedback Strategies Google and Social Media Channels

The Results

Ranked on Page #1 of Google in Blackburn, Manchester, Blackpool and London for the Following Keywords: 

  • " interactive touch screens for hospitals blackburn ​" - View Live

  • " interactive touch screens for education blackburn​ " - View Live

  • " digital menu boards blackburn" - View Live

  • " Interactive Touch Screens blackburn " - View Live

  • " digital hand sanitisers displays blackburn " - View Live

  • " interactive touch screens for education manchester " - View Live

  • " digital menu boards blackpool " - View Live

  • " interactive touch screens london " - View Live

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Business Stats

Keywords Raking for:

68 Organic Keywords

Number of Backlinks:

791 Backlinks

Organic Traffic
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YouTube Video Content

Created Engaging and Animated Explainer Video Content Creation

Link to YouTube Channel
  • YouTube
Engaging Social Media Content

Created Engaging Social Media Campaigns for Alpha Digital Networks Plc that are uploaded to the following Channels:

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • TikTok - (Coming Soon)

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Digital Publications / PDFs

Fully interactive Digital Publication for Alpha Digital Networks Plc

Alpha Digital Newtorks Educational AV Solutiions Magazine 1.png
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Joe Makepeace,
Managing Director at
Alpha Digital Networks Plc

We have been looking at various elements of digital marketing campaign over the last few months with particular reference to SEO and Ad-word Campaigns.

We have looked at doing some of this work in-house through our own marketing team but we kept finding that we had some knowledge of what was required and how to manage it but not enough (knowledge or time) to be able to do it properly.

We then spoke to several people and businesses (including Google themselves) and if I am being honest, rather than make us feel comfortable with the process they actually confused matters and made us feel even less sure about how we should proceed.

What was most concerning with all of these interactions was how little the people we were taking with wanted to know about our business , whilst at the same time promising us returns that just seemed unattainable. Indeed in a number of cases, the suggested Ad-word spend was in the thousands of pounds per month just to 'see which bits worked'.

However, we had an inbound enquiry for some of our products and services and that enquiry was from Shaz.

Shaz arranged to come in and see our showroom and discuss his requirements and is usual, I wanted to find out more about him and his business(es) and it quickly became clear that whilst we'd love to supply Shaz with hardware, where we would be best served was in discussing his SEO and Ad-word experience and where we could utilise his expertise.

A consultation meeting was arranged with my Sales Director and Marketing manager and not only did Shaz talk to us in plain English, he was also the only person who talked about 'split testing', geographic restrictions / limits, target locations and sectors, time frame to measure and monitor success, ever changing algorithms etc.

After this initial meeting, we agreed some costs and a schedule of work that included our digital footprint on all of the main social platforms and many we had never heard of but which some services, particular Google, would penalise us for if they were not correct / matching. We also did a full needs and outcomes analysis that ensured that we were all clear on what our aims and objectives were and how we would measure Shaz's performance.

We are now four weeks into that process and I cannot begin to tell you what a revelation it was been and that Shaz has definitely walked the digital walk and talked the digital talk. Early results have been superb and we get a detailed weekly update from Shaz about his and our progress, successes and where further progress / work was needed.

We are absolutely delighted with Shaz's work and if this is an area of your business where you want to speak to an expert but in a language that you understand then I suggest that you make contact with him and have a consultation with him - you won't be disappointed.

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Anna Heeles,

Marketing Manager at

Alpha Digital Networks Plc

I have been working with the team at Go Ranks for a few weeks now to improve our SEO and paid ad campaigns for Alpha Digital Networks. The Go Ranks team have completed thorough research on Alpha so that they can make informed decisions for our SEO and, so far, our rankings have improved and we have gained more in-bound enquiries. Go Ranks are always keeping in touch at every stage to keep me informed with their progress. I am very happy with Go Ranks and the work they have done for us at Alpha.

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