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Healthcare Job Roles

Healthcare Job Roles is the healthcare industry’s leading career destination site connecting healthcare professionals and healthcare employers to find the perfect match.

We partner directly with Recruiters so that our job seekers get the best opportunities, as soon as they're available. This allows us to screen the quality of our positions and ensure that only legitimate, worthwhile openings are listed on our site.

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THE BRIEF approached us to help them design an easy to navigate and mobile friendly website that would ranking highly in the Greater Manchester Area. Help in the creation of Jobs Ads for Social Media Channels, Help to grow followers on Social Media Channels exampe, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok. Setup TV Advertisement Campaigns in the Manchester and London Areas using YouTube TV ads and help in creating their quarterly Digital Healthcare Careers Magazine.

Focus Areas:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Google Map Integrations

  • Engaging Videos and Animated Explainer Video Content Creation

  • YouTube TV Ads Campaigns for Manchester & London

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Job Ads Campaigns

  • Providing on-going Competitor Research and Analysis

  • Creating Interactive Digital Publications

  • Creating Business Marketing Material

  • Developing Business Trust Rank and Marketing Strategies

  • Implement Positive Feedback Strategies Google and Social Media Channels

Website Designed

Mobile Friendly Website Created

(On-going work being carried out on website)

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YouTube Video Content / TV Ads Created

Created Engaging and Animated Explainer Video Content Creation & Promoting them on Smart TV's in the Manchester and London Areas YouTube TV Ads.

Link to YouTube Channel
  • YouTube
Stats for YouTube TV Ads
Device Traffic 
Youtube Tv Ads Stats.png
TikTok Video Campaigns
Engaging Social Media Content

Social Media Campaigns for Healthcare Job Roles that are uploaded to the following Channels:

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest - Upload Resume Campaign 2.png
Healthcare Jobs Roles - Resume Upload Pic.png
Apprentice Trainee Pharmacy Technician by
Digital Publications / PDFs

Fully interactive Digital Publication for Healthcare Job Roles

(Coming Soon)

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